New Developer Portal


Today we relaunch our Developer Portal with a variety of improvements and new features, including:

  • A fully redesigned website that makes it easier to navigate and find what you need, as well as Inspirations  where you can find new ideas for your project  

  • Improved documentation with more detailed explanations of functionalities that enables developers to more quickly get up and running with our API

  • A new FAQ area to cover some of the most important questions our developers have around the portal, as well new contact options to get in touch for further assistance

  • A new Advanced package that expands on the available feature set and number of API calls has been launched in Germany. It is intended for developers who need more than our Basic offering and can be booked directly via the Developer Portal.

The portal allows end users and businesses to access a wide range of Viessmann heating system data via our API in order to develop their own smart home solutions. Smart home and connected device enthusiasts who own a Viessmann heating system can have better control over their own data and even check for subsidies.