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Are you an individual or part of an organization with an interest in our developer tools? Here you can find more information about our APIs and how you can quickly start to build your own solutions.

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We are the experts in optimized heating device operation. With our API we can help you integrate data into your solutions. Contact us today to find out more.

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How it works

With just 4 easy steps it takes less than 5 minutes to send your first API call

To log in to the Developer Portal, you will need a Viessmann account. If you already have a ViCare account then you can use these same credentials. If you do not yet have a ViCare account, then please register here.

Our suite of APIs enables developers to easily build great solutions. If you are not sure which API is suitable for your case, you can find guidance in our API products section to see the APIs already available on this portal.

Getting the API key is easy. Once you have logged in to the Developer Portal, you can go on My Dashboard in the navigation. Here you find a tile called “Your clients” where you can create your own personal API key. Click on “+ Add” and type a name for your client, as well as the redirect URI.

Before you can make your first API call, you must obtain an access token. For security reasons, we have implemented the OAuth2 process that provides you with an access token based on your API key and API secret: please take a look at our authentication section in the API documentation.

Now that you have obtained an access token, you are ready to make a call to our API.

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Have a look at our range of APIs or contact us today for more information

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