#Let'sStartAtHome Challenge Results


We are pleased to announce that we now have two winners in our #LetsStartAtHome energy savings challenge. We received many submissions from our developer community and more than 200 votes on the ideas we shortlisted.

The two solutions that rose to the top, according to the votes are:


Idea #3: Lower hot water target temperature based on weather

What: Use weather forecasts to more efficiently heat water via solar panels installed on the roof.  

How: In this automation, the target temperature of the hot water is lowered when the weather reports predict sunshine. If the weather report forecasts sunshine for the coming day, the hot water target temperature is lowered. This solution is implemented with FHEM home automation, using the 'vitoconnect plugin' and a 'weather plugin', which fetches weather reports from the internet.

Result: Accurately knowing when there will be enough sunshine enables a more sustainable way to produce hot water compared to only using the gas boiler.




Idea #5: Operating mode based on presence and demand

What: This solution connects the owner's heating system to the home automation system (KNX). The home automation system (see dashboard below) collects information from each room, for example if (and how much) the thermostat valves are opened.

How: The system uses the thermostat valves to detect demand in the house. If all thermostat valves are closed, the operating mode of the heating system is changed to produce only warm water. If someone is at home, the heating system is heating and producing warm water.

Result: The sophisticated dashboard provides transparency about the energy consumption in the house. This helps to identify individual energy saving potentials. Additionally, an automation to detect the demand in the house helps to lever the energy saving potential by only using energy when it is really needed.

The winners will be contacted shortly by our Viessmann Developer team.  

We want to thank everyone who took the time to come up with such innovative solutions and for participating in the voting. If you want to read more about the Top 5 ideas that were submitted to the #Let’sStartAtHomeChallenge click here.


Stay tuned for news from Viessmann about upcoming challenges!