Optimization of heating systems using the Viessmann API


Gasnetz Hamburg, a subsidiary of the City of Hamburg, optimized 10 of their customer’s heating systems using the Viessmann API.  

The Viessmann API contributed to their goal to optimize heating systems (ones that are online) so that customers can save energy. This is more important than ever in the face of rising costs due to inflation and conflict in Europe.

Gasnetz Hamburg uses a data visualization portal, which evaluates the parameters from their customers heating system, shows optimization potentials in a clear presentation and optimizes the system on request.  

Via a secure connection, the control unit of the heating system then reports a number of parameters to their portal, which are evaluated in a real-time analysis. With optimized control parameters, average savings of around 20 percent in an initial test of more than 30 use cases were achieved without any loss of comfort in terms of room and water temperatures.  

If you are also interested in using the VIessmann API for your business and as an added value for your customers, check out the "Developer Portal Benefits Enterprise" page or contact us directly at  developer@viessmann.com.