Electrifying changes to the Developer Portal


Whether it is our leading heat pumps, photovoltaics or battery storage, we at Viessmann are responding to our customers’ demands for more sustainable solutions. Naturally, we wish to extend the possibilities of these products to users of our Developer Portal.

Let’s get electrical

In addition to the Advanced package we now introduce a new “Electric” package.  

It is a set of features that allows you to see how much electricity you are generating and where it is going. Gain full visibility over what your photovoltaic system is producing, how much is stored in your Vitocharge VX3 and how much you are sending back to the grid.

Pricing for every budget

In terms of pricing, we have made a few important changes that increase your options and flexibility:

  • You can now choose either an annual subscription or a monthly plan for both the Advanced and the Electric package

  • For the Advanced package the annual subscription is charged on a monthly basis at just €11,98 per month, which is a savings of 40% compared to the monthly plan

  • The Electric package is priced at just €4.99 per month for an annual subscription or €7.98 when paying month-by-month

Learn more about our new features and pricing today.