The Viessmann Developer Portal is now available!


Use the API to integrate your Viessmann heating system into other (third-party) smart home applications or simply develop your own solution. With our API you can, for example, individually visualize data, change the operating mode and connect your Viessmann heating system with other devices.  

In the future, people will be increasingly connected to each other. We already use data-based services in our everyday lives, such as map and navigation services or fitness trackers. This is accompanied by the need to maximize control over smart systems as the smart home environment grows. Heating will also play an increasingly important role in this process.

With the Viessmann API, we enable developers to integrate networked Viessmann systems into third-party applications. Users benefit from seamless integration of the heating devices into their own solutions. For us, the API is the window to new ecosystems, enabling us to foster innovation in the developer community.

To participate, you can do the following:

  1. Log in with your Viessmann account. If you have already registered a heating system, use the same account you used for registration. Otherwise you will not be able to access your heater via the API.
  2. Read the "Getting started" section and the API documentation
  3. Create an API client (available one day after your first registration)
  4. Start your development or integration!