The #Let'sStartAtHome Challenge


Price inflation and energy costs are going up and everyone is feeling the pinch. We all want to do something for our pocket and to help the environment at the same time. Here at Viessmann all 14,000 of our family members are making the commitment to lower the temperature in their homes and use smart home solutions.

Everyone's goal should now be to reduce their gas consumption. According to the IEA, even 1 degree less on the heating system can save up to 10bcm gas in a year.

But how can you participate?  

Do you already have a ready solution in place that has helped to reduce your gas consumption or do you have an idea that you never had the time for to implement? Tell us about it and inspire other developers!  

You can submit your ideas here between 21. March 2022 and 04. April 2022. We are accepting solutions globally from across the world. The solutions will be shortlisted by an internal jury in the first stage and the top 5 solutions will be published on the Viessmann Developer Portal & community to be voted on by our community of developers.

The two best solutions will win an Advanced Developer portal membership for 12 months*, a prize of 1000€ and prioritized access to the Developer Portal service team.

What happens with the winning ideas?

The winning solution will be published on the Viessmann Developer Portal so it can act as an inspiration for other developers. To serve the bigger purpose of using energy in a more sustainable way & directly reducing gas consumption; ready to be implemented solutions can also be considered for direct implementation in Viessmann solutions such as ViCare.

Can I share ideas instead of solutions?  

Yes, you can share the ideas as well. But only proven & existing solutions are going to be considered for the top prizes. Interesting ideas will be shared as inspirations within the Developer Portal.

*Advanced Developer portal is only available in Germany at the moment, for the ideas outside Germany, the access will be granted once the solution is available in the respective market.