As Viessmann, we give you direct access to your heating system data to match and fullfil your desired use cases. Please find below more information on the requirements and find out if your device is comapitble with using via Cloud API.

Is my heating system compatible with the API use?

Here is a list of heatings systems that are compatible with our API. In general, all heating systems with a Vitotronic control unit can be used in combination with the Vitoconnect Gateway module for integration via API:

Controls for wall mounted or compact units
Vitotronic 200, type HO1, HO1A, HO1B, HO1D, HO2B, HO2C
Vitotronic 200 RF, type HO1C, HO1E

Control units for floorstanding boilers
Vitotronic 200, type KO1B, KO2B, KW6, KW6A, KW6B, KW1, KW2, KW4, KW5
Vitotronic 300, type KW3

Control units for heat pumps and hybrid boilers
Vitotronic 200, type WO1A, WO1B, WO1C

Control units for solid fuel boilers
Vitoligno 200-S with Ecotronic (from software version 2.03)
Vitoligno 250-S with Ecotronic (from software version 2.00)
Vitoligno 300-C with Ecotronic (from software version 2.12)
Vitoligno 300-P with Vitotronic 200 FO1
Vitoligno 300-S with Ecotronic (from software version 2.04)

Additionally, our upcoming new generation of heating systems that provide connectivity inside (no additional hardware gateway module needed) are also compatible with Cloud/API use.